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                  We are committed to conducting business with a high level of integrity, a business value that is the foundation of all of our decisions and actions. We are acutely aware of our responsibility to have the appropriate governance structure and management systems in place for anticipating, planning and managing corporate initiatives. Our governance structure includes accountability to key stakeholders as well as policies and management systems that contribute to efficient and effective operations. We believe that effective corporate governance is an essential driver of stockholder value and a key component of sustainability at successful companies.

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                  Notice of 2019 Annual Meeting and Proxy Statement

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                  On July 18, 2019, as part of its regular review of the corporate governance practices of WEC Energy Group, Inc. (the “company”), the board of directors of the company adopted certain amendments to the Code of Business Conduct (the “code”). The code applies to all employees, including the chief executive officer, chief financial officer and controller. The amendments consisted of technical and administrative updates; additions related to reporting in good faith, respectful workplace conduct, and the company’s prohibition on forging or altering company documents; and revisions to several sections dealing with conflicts of interest and business relationships to make the executive officer requirements consistent with the procedures that all employees must follow.